Airbnb Property Management: Everything You Should Know

Why You Should Use Airbnb Property Management Services

Taking care of your Airbnb property can be tiring as there are many aspects to handle, especially if you are managing short-term rentals. Unless you are handling your Airbnb properties full-time, you simply can’t maintain all of them by yourself.

Even handling one Airbnb property can be difficult at times. The key solution? Hiring a professional Airbnb management company! If you’re not sure what is Airbnb management, below we explain everything you need to know.


Everything You Should Know About Airbnb Property Management

What is Airbnb property management?

For the uninitiated, an Airbnb property management is a group of people who handles every aspect of your property. This includes taking care of bookings, regular maintenance, and overall check-in and check-out processes.


What is short-term rental management?

Short-term rental management includes taking care of tenants that generally stay for only a few days or simply just one night. Short-term rentals usually involve regular maintenance and can be very time-consuming as there are different people staying on the property every week.


What is long-term rental management?

Long-term rental management includes taking care of tenants that stay for about 1 year or more. Since the tenant wouldn’t be changing often, it’s less time-consuming and easier to manage.

Airbnb Property Management Company Handling Customers Requests

What does the Airbnb property management company do?


1. Handle your guests’ inquiries and communication

Basically, the Airbnb property management company will ensure that all guest bookings and communication are handled efficiently. From check-ins to creating a proper guide for the guests – it will all be part of the Airbnb property management service.

Tending to customers’ needs while they are staying on the Airbnb property is also included. In other words, all forms of communication are handled by the Airbnb property management company.


2. Maintain your Airbnb property

In a property, there will always be maintenance to be done such as fixing the air-cond, ensuring the kitchen appliances are always working, and so on. An Airbnb property management company will handle all of these maintenance tasks on your behalf.

You don’t even have to check your Airbnb property regularly as they will notify you if something goes wrong or needs attention.


3. Create structured pricing to maximize your revenue

To make sure that you’re maximizing your earnings with your property, you are required to maintain pricing that is up to the current trends as well as making sure that you don’t end up in a loss.

Airbnb property management includes pricing management as part of their services. You can also minimize the loss of income when it comes to short-term rentals as most Airbnb property management companies include short-term rental management too.


4. Upload your property to listings & maintain them

Aside from uploading your listing to Airbnb’s website, you can also gain more awareness with other property listing websites such as The Airbnb property management company will upload and maintain all of your listings, including updating the information and changing the pictures.


5. Offers cleaning service for your Airbnb property

When you’re managing your own Airbnb property, you’ll have to either clean yourself or go through the hassle of hiring cleaning services. Engaging with Airbnb property management companies will save you the trouble of handling the cleaning, including re-stocking essential items and so on.


Why You Should Use Airbnb Property Management Services

Why use an Airbnb management service?


1. A higher chance of marketing & advertising your Airbnb

There’s no point in having an Airbnb listing if no one knows about it! Marketing or advertising your Airbnb listing takes time, effort, and cost. Most Airbnb property management companies will include marketing and advertising as part of their service package.

Just let them help you to get your Airbnb property found by potential customers while you sit back and relax.


2. Provide better service to customers

In order to maintain a 5-star rating from customers and get good reviews, you’ll have to maintain a certain standard. Handling customers’ needs while they are staying at your Airbnb can be a hassle at times too, especially if you do not have much time on your hands. Plus, it’s even harder when you don’t live around the area of your Airbnb.

An Airbnb property management company handles all the customers’ requests in a timely manner so that no complaints will be made in terms of service.


3. Most of the heavy lifting is taken off your shoulders

When it comes to taking care of an Airbnb property, you have to take on so many tasks. From handling bookings to cleaning and maintenance. There are simply too many things on your plate. With Airbnb property management, you don’t have to handle any of that. They will make sure that everything runs smoothly from A to Z.


How much does an Airbnb management service cost in Malaysia?

It depends on the Airbnb property management company as some prefer to charge a flat fee every month while others prefer a commission-based fee. There are some companies that charge a certain percentage based on the total rental income.

A general overview of the cost would be RM~400 for the flat fee. As for the commission-based fee, it would be around 20% to 30%. The percentage for rental income would be around 20%.

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