Homestay Management in Kuala Lumpur

What is homestay management?

From maintaining the property to taking care of guests, there are endless things to take care of as a homeowner managing homestays by yourself. That’s where homestay management companies come in!
Homestay management is where you can pass over all of the project management duties to a company that handles everything from A to Z. 

Why choose our homestay management services?


As a reputable homestay management company in Malaysia, we focus on ensuring all homeowners’ requirements and needs are met. We also offer a convenient way for all homeowners to have full control of what’s going on with the homestay properties through a platform called Tokeet. Homeowners are able to track transactions, guest information and many more.


1. Regular maintenance and cleaning

After every guest booking, we will ensure that proper cleaning is done, leaving a comfortable experience for the next guests. Every repair or when any sort of maintenance is required, you can leave it all up to us as we are in touch with the necessary contacts to settle the issue immediately.


2. Well-curated listings

To promote your property, you have to upload and maintain your listings. We take the burden off your shoulders by fully managing your listings including price optimisation and professional photography.


3. Admin support

When settling monthly bills, you won’t have to deal with them as we handle them for you. We handle any other miscellaneous tasks as well.


4. Excellent concierge management

We make sure that all check-in and check-out processes are carried out smoothly. We will handle all guest enquiries during their entire stay.

Benefits of homestay management

A homestay management system offers numerous advantages to homeowners looking to build a good reputation by providing 5-star services to guests as well as high ROI.

Full management of guests 


During guest stays, we will ensure that all inquiries will be answered. During check-in and check-out processes, our team will handle the process from the start to the end, leaving each guest a pleasant experience to remember.

More ROI


Our team is experienced in optimizing your listings to ensure all homeowners maximize their ROI. We will optimize your homestay properties to bring in more rental income.

Handles everything from A to Z 


From any admin work to property repair, a homestay management company will take care of any time-consuming tasks such as monthly utility bills.

Maintains listings


Keeping your property listings up-to-date may be a hassle. Homestay management companies will help to market and promote your listings while updating them accordingly when needed.

Pricing of Homestay Management in Malaysia


The homestay management in Malaysia prices compromises either a fixed monthly fee, a percentage of the total rental income or commission-based. Some homestay management companies will charge separate cleaning fees as well.


The average homestay management pricing for a fixed monthly fee will be RM400. The percentage from the total rental income will be 20% and for commission-based, it’ll be 20% to 30%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are our homestay management services available?

Our homestay management services are only available in Klang Valley at the moment.

How does a homestay work?

Homestay involves guests travelling and staying in a local’s home instead of a hotel. It’s a much more affordable option for those under a certain budget. The homeowner is known as a host who they are required to handle any enquiries from the guests.

How to promote homestays?

Airhost is a homestay management company in Malaysia that helps promote properties of homeowners.

How do you make money from homestays?

Homestays enable homeowners to gain passive income as there are always people wanting to go on a holiday while staying in someone’s home other than hotels. Homeowners can earn through these guests staying in their homes for several days, weeks, or months.

What are the types of homestay?

There are short-term and long-term homestays. Short-term homestays are usually only for a few days, weeks or months. Long-term homestays are usually longer than 12 months.

Does Airhost pay the bills for homestay?

No, homeowners are in charge of paying for all the bills.