Design and Build Contract Advantages & Disadvantages

what is design and build

Design and build contracts are not something relatively new to the property industry. It’s when a team collaborates with one another to complete a project in a timely manner. If you’re not sure as to what is it about, read on to find out while also learning about the design and build procurement advantages and disadvantages.

what is design and build

What is Design and Build?

Design and build is a method of construction project delivery that uses only a single contract to provide construction and design services to the project owner. The project owner only needs to work with one company as it speeds up the process. In other words, it’s combining the roles of a constructor and a designer into one single entity. The company consists of both designers and contractors who collaborate with one another.


Process of Design and Build

1. Team selection

First and foremost, the project owner has to select their preferred design-builder to be in charge of the project. The project owner will also be evaluated, so they should be clear on their needs and requirements.

The design-build firm will choose members who will be part of the project. Since the success of the project will depend on the entire team, this helps to motivate them to collaborate more efficiently.

2. Project planning

During this process, the design-build team will come up with a plan that matches your goals and visions of the project based on your budget. Several aspects that might involve construction will be considered as well such as floor plans and location.

3. Design

The design phase involves drawings of the project models made by engineers and architects. They will work together to create the models. Once the design has been finalized, the contractor will step in and begin the construction project.

4. Construction

The construction of the project begins once everything has been finalized. Since every core team member has already worked together, the entire project will go smoothly. Most of the time, there won’t be any changes during the project.

5. Completion

The design-builder will then go through the completed project with the project owner to ensure requirements are met. Besides that, the design-builder will also explain the entire project should there be any systems installed.

design and build advantages and disadvantages


Advantages of Design and Build contract

The benefits of design and build is what attract many project owners to choose this method as opposed to the traditional methods. Some of the benefits include:

Offers a smoother process

One of the benefits of design and build procurement would be how easy it is to come up with solutions together and reduce potential conflict among each other. Various team members come together to gather ideas and churn out a project.

Quick delivery

It’s much faster for a team to work together on all aspects rather than going through each section at a time. Since certain aspects of the project are being done at the same time, the delivery time will be shorter.

Time-saving and cost-saving

Another major benefit of design and build contracts would be how much time and cost can be saved. Since the project delivery is faster, it’ll save time as well. A rough budget will be given at the start of the project, hence why project owners can save cost too as it’s highly unlikely to have additional costs throughout the project.


Disadvantages of Design and Build contract

Other than the benefits, there are several disadvantages of a design and build contract. Below are some of them:

Less control over the project

Compared to the traditional method, a design and build contract will not give the project owner full control. For instance, the project owner doesn’t have to provide any feedback or suggestions once the construction stage has begun. The design-builder will be the one making all the decisions while ensuring the requirements of the project owner are being met.

Requirements has to be set earlier

Project owners are able to adjust the requirements with traditional contracts. However, for a design and build procurement, the project owners have to be clear on the requirements at the start. Changes can’t be made easily during the construction phase when on a design and build contract.


After going through the design and build contract advantages and disadvantages, you might want to consider choosing this method. If that’s the case, Airhost is a notable design and build company in Kuala Lumpur that has many years of experience under its belt. Apart from that, we also offer Property Management Services! Contact us today to begin your property makeover!

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