Airbnb vs Hotels: Which One Is More Suitable for You?

Airbnb vs Hotels Which One Is More Suitable for You

Travelling these days comes with plenty of options when it comes to accommodation, especially after the recent pandemic. The trend for other accommodation types such as Airbnb properties has been on the rise. Other than the usual hotels, while you’re looking for a place to stay for your vacation, you can opt for Airbnb properties where homeowners can offer their space for travellers to stay.

If you’re curious what’s the difference between an airbnb vs a hotel, in this article, you’ll find out more!

Airbnb vs Hotels Which One Is More Suitable for You

Differences between Airbnb and hotels

If you’re wondering how is an airbnb different from hotels, here are the key differences between the two:

1. Airbnb is cheaper than hotels

Hotels tend to be more expensive than Airbnb rentals. This is because hotels have higher costs such as full-time cleaners and admins to handle guests. Hotels have more amenities as well such as in-house restaurants and bars.

With Airbnb rentals, you can save more as there are no heavy ongoing costs. They do have additional cleaning fees on top of the fees charged per night.

2. Amenities in hotels or Airbnbs can differ

Hotels have a wide range of amenities whereas Airbnb rentals usually have basic essential amenities such as pillows, towels, and basic toiletries. Airbnb hosts won’t refill any finished items in the room like how hotels do.

Hotels also have an in-house laundry and restaurant for the guests. Most Airbnb rentals require you to do your own laundry or cooking.

3. Hotels are more secure than Airbnb

With Airbnb, you will be more at risk because there is no proper security in check. Since you’ll be staying in someone’s home, you won’t know what the homeowners will be like. Hotels are generally safer as there are security guards and there are no homeowners to deal with.

4. Privacy varies for Airbnb and hotels

Depending on the type of Airbnb you’re renting, you might have to share the common area such as the kitchen or living room with strangers. Hotels usually don’t require you to share the room – you’ll have it all to yourself. The best way to ensure privacy is to book the whole entire place instead of just a room.

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Differences between Airbnb and hotels

When should you pick Airbnb?

1. If you’re travelling in big groups

When you’re staying in big groups, it’ll be cheaper to stay in an Airbnb as it will be a shared cost. Hotels require you to pay per person which will be much more expensive.

Plus, when you choose an Airbnb that offers an entire home, then you’ll have more space for everyone. Hotel rooms require you to be in separate individual rooms.

2. When your stay is long

If you’re planning to stay for more than one week, you’ll save more if you stay in an Airbnb. This is because you’ll get a good deal when you stay for a few weeks or months. Besides, it’s more comfortable if you stay in an Airbnb – it’s like your own home rather than a hotel room.

3. You prefer a more personal space

When you compare Airbnb vs hotels, the former feels more personal. When staying in an Airbnb, you can cook your own meals and do your own laundry. It feels more personal and offers a comfort similar to living in your own home! Essentially, you’ll be doing everything yourself with no staff to cater to your needs.

When should you pick hotels?

1. When you prefer to be catered to

Hotels will have dedicated staff to tend to your needs such as concierge, reception staff and daily cleaning. You’ll also be able to request for assistance all throughout your stay.

2. Luxury amenities

Most hotels have a wide range of luxury amenities such as spas, gymnasiums, swimming pools, jacuzzis and so on.

3. A proper vacation atmosphere

If you wish to have a holiday that gives a proper luxury vacation feeling, hotels would be ideal. When you stay in an Airbnb, you might not feel like you’re on vacation since it feels similar to your home.

When should you pick Airbnb or hotels

So which one is for me? Airbnb or hotels?

All in all, when you’re choosing between a hotel or Airbnb, both are great choices! Essentially, choosing the right accommodation depends on your travelling requirements. With that being said, since Airbnb properties are in demand, if you happen to have empty properties, you can consider engaging with Airhost Airbnb management and homestay management services so you can let them set up everything for you, including listing your property on Airbnb.

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